Letterpress is the oldest and original form of type printing.

German printer Johannes Gutenberg is credited with inventing the first moveable-type printing press, with individual pieces of type that could be used repeatedly. He lived in Mainz the heart of the German winemaking region where he observed winemaking presses and adapted this process to apply ink onto paper. His process and machine evolved to be able to produce very high-quality book print including the Gutenberg Bible printed in c. 1455.

Here at LS20 Letterpress we believe in staying true to original letterpress by only printing our products on our Heidelberg Platen windmill press. This gives us freedom to test inks, boards and designs for customers.

Join our Letterpress Revolution by becoming a stockist of our greeting cards. In return, we can offer you beautiful quality cards with true provenance. ‘Letterpress printed in Yorkshire.’

Please browse our website to consider our offering and competitive prices. Should you like to receive a selection of samples just let us know.

If you wish to discuss the option of ‘own label’ printing we are happy to oblige by offering our facilities and expertise.

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